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Signs and symptoms of drug use

No doubt there are many signs, both physical behavior that indicate that a person is using drugs. It is worth mentioning that each one of the different drugs that exist in the world have their own characteristic manifestations of them, but there is a general indication of each person when using drugs, between these general indications are the following:

  • Changes in your mood: a person who uses drugs becomes a human being unlivable, grumpy, intolerable, lack of tact and patience. These are general characteristics of any person who is using drugs and are most noticeable in people who are known as an individual calm, relaxed and patient.
  • Move away from families and of all human contact “speak” these people become more withdrawn, remote areas, are immersed in their world of fantasies and don’t let anyone into its shell.

Among the most notable signs or symptoms of consumption of a specific drugs we have to:

  1. Methamphetamine: This drug causes the person may not be able to sleep for days, even weeks, lose the appetite and weight loss is truly extreme, your pupils will be dilated more than normal, it is a person excited, talkative, invades the deluded sense of power, paranoia, depression, nervousness, loss of control, unusual sweating, violence, dizziness, mood changes, blurred vision, mental confusion and agitation.

The use of this drug is extremely pernicious and the consequences that may result are terrible.

  1. Cocaine: causes thoughts atrophied, anxiety, confusion, depression, changes in a bad mood, panic attacks, dilated pupils, lack of sleep, loss of appetite, loss of sexual desire, irritability. Etc.
  2. LSD (Acid): dilated, depigmentation of the skin, loss of coordination, false senses of power, euphoria, distortion of time and space, vomiting and nausea, panic, helplessness. Etc.

There are many symptoms characteristic of each drug more lethal than there are in the world, here we mentioned a couple of them with the sole purpose of being able to inform our users these common symptoms of excessive consumption of illicit substances.

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