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How Aesthetic Skills & Precisions are important in the Hair Transplant Procedure

The hair transplant procedure is a combination of 60% artistic skills and 40% of the scientific approach that made the possibility of the hair graft placement of the recipient zone in the view of achieving the unnoticeable and an aesthetic hair transplant procedure. It has a dual benefit both in the terms of the cosmetic importance as well as the achieving the natural outcomes. The hair transplant in Jaipur has been always on peak position due to the availability of the best hair transplant surgeon in the this Pink City of India.

What is a Hair Restoration Procedure all about

The hair restoration procedure involves the transferring of hair grafts/follicles from the donor area, usually the back & sides of the human scalp to the recipient areas in such a manner that the patient gets a head full of hair with all the natural touch & concerns. The hair restoration surgery successfulness depends wholly & solely on the Surgeons quality of doing work related to the implantation procedure, expertise in the same field and the most important the artistic skills & precisions of the hair transplant Surgeon.

The Hair Transplant is Valuable & Worthy only if the Results are Natural

The effect & benefit of the restoration can only be significant when the restoration procedure reflects a completely natural outcome as it is very important to look aesthetically good after regrowth of the transplanted hair. The success and purity of result all depend on the artistic touch of the procedure, which is a prime quality & responsibility of the surgeon in order to get benefitted by the actual meaning of the hair transplant procedure. The artistic skills of a surgeon don’t come in a single day as it is an experience and expertise symbol that a surgeon earns by many years of his surgery record with the good results.

How Aesthetic Skills are important in reflecting the Outcomes

To get the natural regrowth of Hair

It is an important consideration in the hair restoration procedure that the regrowth hair will achieve the natural look after achieving a certain length of the hair. The aesthetic concern plays a major role in getting the natural result of the procedure and an irregular shifting of hair grafts with a zigzag pattern is followed by the surgeon to achieve the desired natural result.

To Get the undetectable Hair Transplant result

It is needed in the hair restoration procedure that the transplanted hair should not be identified by seeing or touching and for this purpose, the best air transplant surgeon uses the safe donor area for extracting the hair roots and after that close the same with the advanced closing technique of the trichophytic closure. The Trichophytic closing technique is an innovative and advanced closing technique that allows the closing the incision area with an overlapping fashion so that that the lining of closing will drape with another regrowth of hair that makes the invisibility of the hair transplantation procedure. And, it is difficult to identify that the transplanted hair is original or after the growth of implanted hair.

How the Artistic Skills come and Who is eligible for doing the Procedure

The artistic skills & precisions are altogether a specific set of skills that is totally different from the scientific approach as implanting the grafts in the defined slitting area with care and concern is a sophisticated job and only an expert hair transplant surgeon can perform it in a correct manner. The artistic skills are 50% a gifted talent and the rest 50% comes after long years of experience in the same field.

Who is Eligible for Performing the Hair Transplant Procedure

An Expert hair Transplant Surgeon

The surgeon of hair restoration must have the affiliation and recognition from the reputed hair restoration networks, i.e., ISHRS, ISAPS, Etc. The surgeon should possess the accolades an recognition for presenting the remarkable hair transplant results. The only expert surgeon should consider first if you are looking for the best result after the procedure got completed.

An Outstanding Aesthetic/artistic Skills of the Surgeon

The artistic skills of the Surgeon play a major deciding factor in the hair restoration procedure as it presents the natural result and some of the surgeons from India has a remarkable presence in the hair transplant surgery world for offering the utmost aesthetic effect the procedure. The aesthetic sense of the surgeon made him able to decide the particular hairline design as according to the patient’s age, sex & facial profile and it is also an artistic skill that decides the natural regrowth of hair on the recipient site in order to make an undetectable hair transplant.


On the whole, we can say that the hair restoration is a fundamental an essential concern of the cosmetic surgery procedure that requires the artistic skills more than that of the scientific touch nonetheless, it is a combination of both and balancing the procedure with both these aspects reflects the utmost presentable result of the transplantation procedure.

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