Best Places to Visit during Your Trip to Makassar

With the rapid changing of human lifestyle in this modern era, more people are prone to stress, which may reduce their performance at workplaces. Thus, having a vacation becomes an emerging needs among people live in big cities. One of the recommended vacation destinations is Makassar in Sulawesi Island, Indonesia. In this article, we will give some suggestion about places to visit during your trip to Makassar.

The following list are some of the things to do in Makassar during your trip with your family or friends:

  • Akkarena Beach: for beach lovers and photography enthusiasts, watching sunset on a beach while capturing the magnificent scenery is a must during a vacation. One of the best place to enjoy sunset in Makassar is Akkarena Beach. Situated at Makassar’s coastal side, this wonderful black sandy beach can be reach in just ten minutes away from the center of the city. There is a wooden deck where you can simply relax and admire the beauty of the crimson horizon when the sun start to set. Near the beach, there are many restaurants where you can visit after enjoying the sunset.
  • Trans Studio Makassar: this theme park is Indonesia’s second largest indoor amusement park after the other park located in Bandung. It consists of more than twenty rides with four different themes, which are adapted from Disneyland and Universal Studios. You can enjoy the 60s Hollywood ambience at the center of studio. There are musicals scheduled to play at the theatre and you can also learn about the effect of green screen during Studio Tour. If you wish to see some magic, you can go to Magic Corner and enjoy various sensational illusions and magic tricks.
  • Fort Rotterdam: this Makassar harbor’s fort was fist built in 1545 during the era of colonialism in Indonesia. Nowadays, this fort becomes one among the most preserved remains of Dutch influence in Indonesia’s architecture, which thanks to its consistent rebuilding and restoration to keep the integrity of the structure. This place is the best destination for those who wish to learn more about Indonesian history. Capture some iconic pictures with the classic European architecture as its background.
  • The Level Club: for those who want to enjoy night life in Makassar, visiting this night club is a great idea. As one of the largest metropolitan city in Sulawesi Island, the night life offered by this city is just as exciting as the mega cities around the world. Located near the Losari Beach, you can party and releases your stress while enjoying a beautiful night scenery of the beach. If you are hungry or not fond of heavy beats, a restaurant is available on the first floor. The prices offered are mostly affordable with 7-20 dollars.

Those are some of the places to visit in Makassar where you can enjoy your trip. There are still a lot of tourist attraction to visit. However, if you only have limited time, these places will certainly give you the unforgettable memory you are looking for.

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